In SEATUC2020, we will hold two workshops in the following themes, please join and discuss about these themes.

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Detailed program of each workshop are linked to each workshop outline below.


Robots and Mobility for Community Service

CHAIR:            Prof. Nobuto Matsuhira (SIT, Japan)

Prof. Toshio Ito (SIT, Japan)

contact: matsuhir(at)

Date:     28th February

Time:     14:00-16:00

Room:    X01A, 10th Floor

OBJECTIVE:     There are high expectations for robot technology, mobility support, and automated driving vehicles concerning living support of elderly people and improving the quality of life. As well as Japan, the aging problem is a global issue. Especially in Asia it is necessary to provide small mobility assistance and fine care by robotic technology. Therefore, we aim to research and develop new mobility and robot technology from East Asia ahead of the rest of the world. For that purpose, we introduce the current state of each technology and measures, and discuss how to cooperate. First of all, each university presents their ongoing or future projects for mutual understanding and future collaboration.

SCOPE:    Advanced technologies in robotics and mobility including

– Sensors, Controllers, and Actuators

– Communication technologies

– Infrastructures

– Applications and Others


Development of Future Competencies for Engineering Education through Industry and Academia Linkage

Chair:             Prof. Atsuko K. Yamazaki, (SIT, Japan)

Co-chair:          Prof. Masahiro Inoue, (SIT, Japan)

Co-chair:          Prof. Atikorn Wongsatanawarid, (KMUTT, Thailand)

contact: atsuko(at)

Date:     28th February

Time:     14:00-16:00

Room:    X04B, 10th Floor

 Description of the workshop:

Updated competency is essential for upcoming future career of engineers who work in global environment across multiple cultures, business partners and disciplinary fields. Future engineering graduates from any country now encounter working environment that is increasingly global. The engineers of Industry 4.0 are now required to have the ability to understand concepts and ideas from broader fields. These circumstances pose a challenge to both industry and academia in engineering education: preparing engineers and engineering students to be more effective in diverse contexts. Many companies and universities have been making trainings and curricula for enhancing the needed competencies of their employees and students, and efforts to assess the outcomes of competency of engineering education, post-graduate trainings, working adult education and so on. This workshop attempts to bring together researchers, educators, practitioners, working engineers and students to share information, knowledge, research results, experiences, views and future plans which contribute to enhancing the future competency of engineering students and recent engineers. The workshop encompasses research to identify future competency required by industry, good practices of competency education at companies and universities, assessment of competency both in industry and academia, industry-academia collaboration for global competency enhancement.

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