Date : March 14th & 15th (Thu. & Fri.), Lobby 6th Floor

Innovative Session 01 : Robotics and Mechanical Engineering
IS01-01 Analysis of SIT-TO-STAND Motion Based on V-REP SIMULATION
Lu Tong, Matsuhira Nobuto and Otsuka Nana
IS01-02 Research on High Performance of Hydraulic Gear Pump for Operating Table
Tomoaki Maekawa, Naoko Miyazawa and Yukio Kawakami
IS01-03 Improvement of Hydrogen Storage Properties of Ti-based Quasicrystal Alloys by Addition of 4th Element
Amal Azraai Bin Che Azuha, Alicja Klimkowicz and Akito Takasaki
IS01-04 Development of a Senior Car Following Robot using AR Marker
Ikumi Asada, Nobuto Matsuhira, Satoshi Okano, Yuichi Abe, Toshiya Hirose, Yuichiro Nakayama and Toshio Ito
IS01-05 Development of a Wearable Master Arm
Takumi Obayashi, Satoru Suzuki, Yusuke Goto, Nobuto Matsuhira and Hideichi Nakamoto
IS01-06 RSNP Client Cooperative Remote Control System
Yuta Naito and Nobuto Matsuhira
IS01-07 Multi-Purpose Mobility (mPm) as a Riding Type Robot for Support of Transportation
Junichi Yasu, Satoru Miki and Nobuto Matsuhira
Innovative Session 02 : Electrical and Electronic Engineering
IS02-01 On Global Voltage Sag Mitigation by Solid-state Fault Curent Limiter in Distribution Systems
Khanh Bach and Phong Nguyen
IS02-02 Design of Waveguide Liquid Detection Sensor Constructed with Directional Coupler
Xiaopeng Tao and Hideki Yokoi
IS02-03 Investigation of Dye-sensitized Solar Cell Used by Waste Carbon Copy Paper Counter Electrode
Tanapol Limpachayaporn and Pakpoom Chansri
IS02-04 Research on Z-wave Protocol and Application in Building Communication Network for Smart Home From Basic Components
Phuoc Hoang Van, Linh Le Vu, Cuong Bui Quoc and Hong Hoang Si
IS02-05 Control of a High Step-up Single-switch Boost Converter by Using Fuzzy Controller
Sudarat Khwan-On and Namon Kunjittipong
IS02-06 A High-current and Low-voltage Using Class-D Converter with Current Doubler Rectifier
Pakpoom Chansri, Tanes Tanitteerapan, Tanapon Suracharonewetchakun and Narong Mungkung
IS02-07 Miniaturization of Harmonic Impedance Transformer and its Application to Class-F Amplifiers
Kento Saiki and Shinichi Tanaka
IS02-08 2-GHz-Band GaN HEMT Class-F Power Amplifiers Using CRLH-Transmission-Line-Stub Dual-Use Circuits for Harmonic Control and DC Biasing
Tomoya Oda, Saiki Kento and Shinichi Tanaka
IS02-09 Mparison of TiO2 Nanoelectrode and ZnO Nanoelectrode for Electrochemiluminescence Device Applications
Somchai Arunrungrusmi, Pakpoom Chansri and Narong Mungkung
IS02-10 Object Recognition by Lidar Using Stochastic Resonance
Masahiro Shikahama, Toshio Ito and Linh Tao Ngoc
IS02-11 A Preliminary Study on Stimulus Presentation for RSVP Task
Takuya Kujirai and Shin’ichiro Kanoh
IS02-12 Experimental Simulation for Laboratory-Scale Solid State Transformer
Muhammad Syahir Bin Turiman, Fatin Ilyani Binti Jefri and Fujita Goro
IS02-13 A Study of Efficiency Increase of Internal Combustion Engines by Using Ozone System
Kongtoon Mungkung, Narong Mungkung, Pakpoom Chansri and Somchai Arunrungrusmi
IS02-14 A Study of Electrical Content Important for Vocational Industry
Kongtoon Chongsakul, Narong Mungkung, Pakpoom Chansri and Somchai Arunrungrusmi
IS02-15 Development of Bi-Directional AC-DC Converter Module for Solid State Transformer Application
Fatin Ilyani Binti Jefri, Pradita Octoviandiningrum Hadi and Goro Fujita
Innovative Session 03 : Computer Science and Information and Communication Technology
IS03-01 To Select IoT Protocol in Heterogeneous Environmant
Nguyen Thanh Tung, Nguyen Thi Thanh Tu and Nguyen Thanh Hung
IS03-02 Support Method for Searching Objects by Specifying Areas Applying Clustering Technique to Ble Beacon Information
Ren Matsui, Kouta Tezuka and Yoshihiro Niitsu
IS03-03 Uplink Performance Evaluation of Massive Mimo TDD Systems
Nam Vuong Hoang, Phat Nguyen Huu and Son Nguyen Van
IS03-04 Reading Span Task with Background Colours Effect on Brain Function: Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis
Muhammad Nur Adilin Mohd Anuardi, Atsuko K. Yamazaki and Kaoru Eto
IS03-05 A Dynamic Traffic Localization Scheme for P2PTV in Vietnam by Degrading Network Performance of Inter-domain Connections
Hiep Hoang Van
IS03-06 Online News Veracity Assessment Based on Affective Content
Fatin Amanina Ahmad Tarmizi and Eiji Kamioka
IS03-07 Experiment of Low Power Wide Area Network for Single and Multihop Transmission
Sharifah Hafizah Syed Ariffin and Nurzal Effiyana Ghazali
IS03-08 Fake Arabic News on Twitter Using Deep Learning Model
Layal Almohammadi and Hiroaki Fukuda
IS03-09 Possibility of User Experience(UX) for Enhancing the Value of Mobile Augented Reality Applications
Zhang Jiaqi, Eiji Kamioka and Tan Phan Xuan
IS03-10 QoE-based Adaptive Bitrate Selection for HTTP Adaptive Streaming
Chanh Tran, Tan Phan, Eiji Kamioka and Tho Nguyen
IS03-11 Bandwidth Expansion of signals by band-division and SSB Modulation
Yuki Sato and Eiji Watanabe
IS03-12 LSTM-Based Continuous QoE Prediction Model for HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming
Tho Nguyen Duc, Chanh Tran, Tan Phan and Eiji Kamioka
IS03-13 Development of an Indoor Navigation System for Persons with Higher Brain Dysfunction
Satoko Kondo, Akihiko Hanafusa and Tsuyoshi Nakayama
IS03-14 Detecting Network Anomalies in Smart Home Environment with IoT Traffic Generator
Hung Nguyen An, Thomas Silverston, Taku Yamazaki and Takumi Miyoshi
IS03-15 Clarification of Relation Between Perceived Phosphene Position and Stimulated Retina Area Towards Visual Impaired People Support System
Manami Kanamaru, Eiji Kamioka and Tan Phan Xuan
IS03-16 Detection of Photo-Taking Behaviors by Smartphone Using Optical Flow Technique
Yuhi Kaihoko, Eiji Kamioka and Tan Phan Xuan
IS03-17 Evaluation of Auditory and Visual Effects in Japanese Speech Visualization Method
Nur Syafikah Binti Samsudin and Kazunori Mano
IS03-18 A Data Forecast for Detecting and Correcting Sensor Data Fault in Real-Time
Lan Anh Nguyen, Duc Toan Nguyen and Eiji Kamioka
IS03-19 Toward New Wireless Mesh Network Routing Mechanism for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Arocha Mahapannaporn, Thomas Silverston, Taku Yamazaki and Takumi Miyoshi
IS03-20 Photo Enhancement on Single-camera Mobile Devices Using Semantic Image Segmentation
Hung Duong, Hao Pham and Trung Ngo
IS03-21 Queuing Position Exchange Model to Improve Customers Satisfaction at Amusement Park
Yoshihiro Nagano, Phan Xuan Tan, Eiji Kamioka and Khaironi Yatim Sharif
IS03-22 Extraction of Vocal Tract Information by External Noise Input to the Oral Cavity for Silent Speech Recognition
Shota Norose and Kazunori Mano
IS03-23 World Vocoder Quantization Based on Adversarial Auto-Encoder.
Tanasan Srikotr and Kazunori Mano
IS03-24 Behavioral Based Motivation Model for Educational System to Encourage Students’ Positive Attitude
Hyunki Min, Eiji Kamioka, Phan Xuan Tan and Khaironi Yatim Sharif
IS03-25 Sensitivity Analyses Based on Hits for Artificial Neural Networks
Ibraimo Manuel Caroga and Masaomi Kimura
Innovative Session 04 : Energy and Environmental Engineering and Science
IS04-01 Design and Simulation of a Solar Thermal Cooling System Assisted by Biomass Energy for Senegal’s Hospital Buildings
Thiomby Tine and Kotaro Tanaka
IS04-02 Using Water-Alternating-Gas Injection Method to Reduce CO2 at an Oilfield, Vietnam’s Offshore
Nguyen Nguyen Viet Khoi, Khanh Do Quang and Hao Le Phuoc
IS04-03 Application Potentials of Nanotechnology in the Oil and Gas Industry
Quang Hoang Trong, Khanh Do Quang, Phuc Kieu and Thanh Nguyen Thi Tam
IS04-04 Reducing Self-Discharge Rates Effects of Flywheel Energy Storage System in Power System Application
Sandro Sitompul and Goro Fujita
IS04-05 A Numerical Study of Microscale Fluid Motion within Porous Medium Inserted in Minichannnel Flow
Khairuddin Khirzam, Seitaro Suwa, Daisuke Kobayashi, Hirotaka Hata and Naoki Ono
IS04-06 Study on the Performance of Wind-Driven Natural Ventilation with Different Room Layouts and Floor Arrangements
Muhammad Aiman Mohd Nor, Wan Shahrul Nizam Wan Mansol and Yoshihide Suwa
IS04-07 The Impact of Climate Change on After Resources Management in Lower Chao Phraya River
Sanit Wongsa
IS04-08 Application of Shewanella Japonica as a Biocatalyst in Microbial Fuel Cell
Nurul Amani Mohd Zaki, Takuya Okamoto and Kotaro Tanaka
Innovative Session 05 : Transportation and Vehicle Engineering
IS05-01 Vehicle Model for 4-Wheeled Personal Mobility Scooter – an Experimental Study
Muhammad Zulfaqar Azmi, Toshio Ito, Masahiro Shikahama, Ryuichi Toya and Yuichiro Nakayama
IS05-02 Detection of Driver’s Awakening Level
Hayato Shinobu and Toshio Ito
IS05-03 Driver States Estimation Based on Vehicle Operation Amount and Drivers Behavior
Takumi Sato, Toshio Ito and Asato Kobayashi
IS05-04 Driver States Estimation Based on Vehicle Operation Amount and Drivers Behavior
Takumi Sato, Toshio Ito and Asato Kobayashi
IS05-05 Activity-based Costing in Container Freight Operation of State Railway of Thailand: A Case Study of Freight Transportation between Ladkrabang Inland Container Depot and Laem Chabang Port
Monthira Phamornmongkhonchai and Rattaphol Pueboobpaphan
IS05-06 Application of Google Maps to Estimate Queue Length at Signalized Intersection
Pongpat Jodnok and Rattaphol Pueboobpaphan
IS05-07 Customer Readiness Using E-commerce for Small Smes in Thailand
Nuttakrit Loacharoen and Suthatip Pueboobpaphan
Innovative Session 06 : Architecture, Urban Planning and Design
IS06-01 A Review on Station Area Density and Ridership: Evaluating Transit-oriented Development (TOD) Intensification Zoning of Kuala Lumpur Monorail, Malaysia
Bor Tsong Teh, Michihiko Shinozaki, Loon Wai Chau and Chin Siong Ho
IS06-02 Study of the Influence of Carbonation on Permeability of Salt Water in Mortar Using Blast Furnace Slag Cement
Hiroki Mizuno and Takeshi Iyoda
IS06-03 Method of Adding and Pore Reforming Mechanism by Using C-S-H Type Hardening Accelerator
Junya Nakamura and Takeshi Iyoda
IS06-04 A Study of Major Bank (Mitsubishi Bank) Branch Distribution in Tokyo, Japan, 1945-1980
Hiroshi Nakamura and Michihiko Shinozaki
IS06-05 Application of Manipulation Techniques on Fabric Surface for Female Fashion Design
Pham Ho Mai Anh
IS06-06 The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Early Architectural Design Process, in Case of Residential Building
Fesseha Zena Tedla
IS06-07 Study on Development of Oral History Video Map for Community Design
Ayumu Shimizu, Shunpei Onishi and Hideaki Shimura
IS06-08 Urban Redevelopment with High Standard Levees along Tokyo’s Arakawa River
Nurul Ashikin Binti Mabahwi and Hitoshi Nakamura
IS06-09 Conceptual Study of the Influence of the Physical and Social Neighborhood Environment on Active Aging in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Nadhirah Nordin and Hitoshi Nakamura
Innovative Session 07: Materials Science and Engineering
IS07-01 Workability and Expansion Degree of Residue Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Slurry in Aerated Autoclaved Concrete
Anh Tuan Le, Nhat Minh Tran and Ninh Thuy Nguyen
IS07-02 The Affect of Fly Ash and Binder on Rheological Parameter of Concrete
Anh Tuan Le, Nhat Minh Tran and Ninh Thuy Nguyen
IS07-03 A Study on the Influence of Silicon Element on Properties of Diamond-like Carbon Film
Narin Sunthornpan, Shuichi Watanabe and Nutthanun Moolsradoo
IS07-04 An Experimental Study on Temperature Increase in Applying Electromagnetic Pressure to Processing of Thin Metal Plate
Keita Akitsu, Kohei Tsuchiya and Naoki Ono
IS07-05 An Experimental Research to Determine the Effect of Oscillating Magnetic Fields to Freezing Time of Catfish Fillets in Vietnam
Thi Tam Thanh Nguyen, Chi Chinh Vo, Thanh Van Nguyen, Quang Khanh Do, Quang Phu Pham and Thi Hong Hai Doan
IS07-06 Synthesis of TiN-Si3N4 Composite Powders from TiSi2 by in situ Direct Ammonia Nitridation
Hanan Alhussain, Hajime Kiyono, Takuto Mise and Yasuyuki Mastuo
Innovative Session 08 : Bioscience, Biological Engineering and Science
IS08-01 The Effect of Tocotrienols on High-fat Diet-treated Mice Brain Oxidation and Cognitive Function
Yugo Kato, Yoshinori Aoki, Taishuke Koike and Koji Fukui
IS08-02 Extraction Bioactive Compounds from Thai Orchids for Anti-aging Application
Rittipun Rungruang, Wittawat Rattanathavorn, Jarasfah Modsuwan, Oratai Kokilakanishtha, Nattapon Kaisangsri and Orapin Kerdchoechuen
IS08-03 Phenolic Compounds and Antioxidant Activities of Coffee Extract for Cosmetic Product
Nattapon Kaisangsri, Orrapun Selamassakul, Chanikan Sonklin, Natta Laohakunjit, Orapin Kerdchoechuen and Rittipun Rungruang
IS08-04 Study of Lift Strength in Thai Young Adults
Narongdech Suanphet, Supaporn Endoo and Pornsiri Jongkol
IS08-05 Effects of Height, Direction, and Hand Side on Torque Exertion Capability of Young Males
Supaporn Endoo, Kannika Panton and Pornsiri Jongkol
IS08-06 Gold Nanoparticles-modified Screen-printed Electrode in Elisa Design for Electrochemical Sensor Fabrication to Dually Detect Hydrogen Peroxide and PSA Antigen
Lien Thi Ngoc Truong and An Thi Hoai Nguyen
IS08-07 Yeast, a Valuable Model to Discover Anti-ageing Compounds from Colored Rice Bran Extract and its Potential Applications
Nitnipa Soontorngun and Pitchapat Sunthonkun
IS08-08 Exercise Physiology Application: Cardiac Endurance Training for Students by Stationary Bike
Tran Duc Minh Nguyen, Quoc Cuong Pham and Cao Dang Le
IS08-09 Postural Coordination Transition during Continuous Translation of Dynamic Tasks
Nur Fatin Fatina Bt Mohd Ramli and Shin-Ichiroh Yamamoto
IS08-10 Packing Method and Storage Affecting Cooking Quality of Hulled Split Mung Bean
Jamaica Meralles and Songsin Photchanachai
IS08-11 Research into Visual Stimulated Brain Response Using Brain Mapping
Thi Diem Thy Huynh, Nhut Mai Truong, Cao Nhat Anh Nguyen, Quoc Khai Le and Quang Linh Huynh
IS08-12 Effect of Sound Power on Plant Growth by Evaluated CO2 Consumption Monitoring
Minoru Hirai, Hiroki Gonome, Hiroki Ichikawa, Takahiro Kono and Jun Yamada
IS08-13 Optimization of Phytoestrogens Extraction from Soy Germ
Chau Le Minh and Vien Do Thi Hoa
IS08-14 Simulation of the Stump Deformation in the Transfemoral Socket Donning
Takahiro Ono, Kazuki Satou, Kenta Takizawa, Yukio Agarie, Hiroshi Otsuka, Akihiko Hanahusa, Kengo Ohnishi and Shin-Ichiroh Yamamoto
IS08-15 Participation of L-type Ca2+ Channel in the Differentiation of Neural Stem Cells to Neurons by Vitamin K
Yuta Takagi, Yutaro Yamashita, Mayu Okazeri, Yoshitomo Suhara and Yoshihisa Hirota
IS08-16 Mechanism of Action of Capsaicin on TRP Channels and TMEM Proteins
Yuma Unno, Kanami Moriya, Naomi Osakabe and Yosihisa Hirota
IS08-17 Research on Life Support Engineering -Development of Medical Systems-
Akihiko Hanafusa
IS08-18 Detection of Slow Eye Movement in Dozing-off Event Using Morphological and Neural Network Method
Trang Pham, Hieu Nguyen Trung, Khai Le Quoc and Linh Huynh Quang
IS08-19 Single Oral Administration of Flavan 3-ols Induces Stress Responses Monitored with Stress Hormone Elevations in the Plasma and Paraventricular Nucleus.
Yasuyuki Fujii, Ai Kawagoe, Kenta Suzuki, Yahiro Hasegawa and Naomi Osakabe
IS08-20 Optimization of Ultrasonic Extraction of Phenolic Compounds from Tubtim Chum Phae Rice Bran for Development of Sunscreen Product
Rittipun Rungruang, Songchan Puthong, Nattapon Kaisangsri and Orrapun Selamassakul
Innovative Session 09 : Basic and Applied Mathematics and Sciences
IS09-01 An Inexact Conjugate Gradient Method for Symmetric Nonlinear Equations
Auwal Bala Abubakar, Aliyu Muhammed Awwal and Poom Kumam
IS09-02 Fixed Point Applications on Existence of Fixed States after Phase Flip on a Bloch Sphere
Umar Batsari Yusuf and Poom Kumam
IS09-03 A Cone Approach on the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker Optimality Conditions and Constraint Qualications
Seifu Endris Yimer
IS09-04 Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer Problem by Freefem++ Software
Thi Thanh Mai Ta, Duc Nhan Ho and Minh Tam Tran
IS09-05 Pattern Avoidance in Gamma-one Non Deranged Permutations
Abdulkarim Hassan Ibrahim and Poom Kumam
IS09-06 Pursuit Differential Game Problem with Multiple Players on a Closed Convex Set with General Integral Constraints
Idris Ahmed, Poom Kumam and Gafurjan Ibragimov
IS09-07 A Modified Dynamic Equation of Evasion Differential Game Problems in a Hilbert Space
Jewaidu Rilwan and Poom Kumam
Innovative Session 10 : Global Engineering Education
IS10-01 Efficient Starch Recovery from Cassava Bagasse: Role of Cellulase and Pectinase
Tuan Anh Pham, Kim Ngan Pham and Kim Anh To
IS10-02 Engineering Education through University- Industry-Government Knowledge Exchange Models at KMUTT and SIT
Khwanruethai Rawboon, Atikorn Wongsatanawarid, Atsuko K. Yamazaki and Nahoko Kubo
IS10-03 Enhancing Library Services Using Barcode Technology for Schools in Malaysia
Rashidah Arsat, Nurzal Effiyana Ghazali, Mahyuddin Arsat, T. S. Peter Loh, N. A Husna Azahar, M. Fazli Zali and M. Syafiq Che Soh