Information of Global PBL Tour with Partner Universities and SIT

Shibaura Institute of Technology is holding global PBL programs with partner universities.
You may enter and leave whenever you wish in all the final presentation sessions. Please come and watch students’ activities in this opportunity!
You may also be able to observe student’s projects other than final presentation. If you are interested, please contact the GTI Consortium office.
What is global PBL?
1) Cross-cultural Experience Design Workshop (Engineering and Design)
Program Period : Monday, 11th February – Monday, 18th February
Final Presentation : Monday, 18th February 2pm – 5pm
Partner University : Kookmin University (Korea)
Venue : Shibaura Campus
Program Organizer : Associate Prof. Wonseok Yang (Department of Engineering and Design)


2) Leading Technology of Natural Disaster Prevention and Reduction (Civil Engineering)

Program Period : Friday, 15th February – Saturday, 23rd February
Final Presentation : Friday, 22nd February 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Partner University : Kasetsart University (Thailand)
Venue : Toyosu Campus
Program Organizer : Associate Prof. Shinya Inazumi (Department of Civil Engineering)

3) Workshop on Robotics and Image Processing Field Using AI Technology (Electronic Engineering)

Program Period : Tuesday, 12th February – Thursday, 21st February
Final Presentation : Wednesday, 20th February 2pm – 3:30pm
Partner University : Wayamba University (Sri Lanka)
Venue : Toyosu Campus
Program Organizer : Associate Prof. Chinthaka Premachandra (Department of Electronic Engineering)
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