【PIITs&GTI Consortium】“Cross-cultural Project Based Learning” was hold!

Event Report【PIITs*&GTI Consortium】“Cross-cultural Project Based Learning”

*PIITs promotes Indian Institute of Technologies(IIT) students’ internship matching with Japanese companies.

THEME “Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games”

 Students have discussed what kind of problems could occur during Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games and how Tokyo would accept a lot of foreigners.

This PBL was aiming for…

  • Having cultural exchange between IIT students and students studying in Japan
  • Providing constrictive opinion with people who have different identities
  • Enhancing your skills for the global communication & PBL


2017/7/8 (Sat)  11:00 ~ 15:00    @TOYOSU campus 3rd floor Global Learning Commons(GLC)


 43 students from IIT, Utsunomiya University, Kanda University of International Studies, Kogakuin University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tsuda University, Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo City University, Tokyo University of Science 


 Prof. Masahiko Tachibana, Center for Promotion Educational Innovation, SIT)


 Mr. Masayoshi Nakane, The Mainichi Newspapers

 Mr. Masanori Asako, Sports Nippon Newspapers)

 Prof. Muralidhar  Miryala, The President Assistant, SIT


 Space Design, Inc                             RareJob Inc.    


 Cross-cultural PBL begun with the ice-breaking orientation. Although the students from the different fields and culture gathered at one place seemed very difficult to discuss where to focus on the theme, each group-work was very active from the  top.

Toward the end of group-work, discussion became very heated

In the final presentation, every group made their presentation their own way

Finally, the group suggested the application gives travel-information with translator earned the award for excellence and the group suggested the various network service for travelers and prepare the Wi-Fi service circumstance in Japan for these service won the best prize. 

Team B won the best prize

Team E awarded for the excellence 


 GTI Consortium has worked on the Cross-cultural PBL for many times, it was the first time to decide using English as the public language during the event. Even though the time was limited, students made their discussion successfully.   Communication between different culture is always the priority in the global activities which GTI Consortium has been promoting. We believe that the Cross-cultural PBL can develop students ability to solve the problem between different culture. Please be a part of the event if you are interested.